MANALENA x Mélanie Humbert is a collaboration between Maddalena Oliva, the owner of the shop MANALENA and the artist Mélanie Humbert.

Maddalena opened her first concept store in 2018 in the center of Luxembourg, near the train station. The store is marked by the carefully selected interior design and its original choice of different clothes, accessories and jewellery. Maddalenas personal touch is complemented above all by her interest in art. She is always excited to work with different artists. Her first collaboration, as part of MANALENA, was with the artist Michele Bagnod. The second collaboration with Mélanie Humbert came through getting to know each other at a yoga teacher training course.

Mélanie Humbert, a visual artist who creates interactions with different colors and shapes in her artworks, deliberately avoids classic color concepts and guidelines. Her selection should trigger new perspectives





The current exhibition of the works and the collages on the showcases represent Mélanie’s careful choice of colors intended to underline and at the same time emphasize the concept store, its interior and its various elements.