This collaboration between the photographer Jana Heide and the Stylist Maddalena Oliva features the wonderfull Wandy Rocha in a hand-picked selection of our spring 2022 collection.

The two creatives encountered a few years ago.

From this simple encounter was born a clear vision of how the two personalities of the creatives could melt together and at the same time be compared, in order to find new original imprints of a common work.

Jana’s sensitive eye to sunny shades, Maddalena’s soul’s paw with elegant contours, highlight together the sweet lines of Wandy to sublimate Manalena’s spring collection 22.

Our brands’ selection in this collaboration features: JUCCA, OTTO D’AME, LES TRICOTS DE LEA, NUBIKK, DIADORA

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Metropolitan Cafe

MODEL: Wandy Rocha- Special Thanks
STYLING: Maddalena Oliva (Manalena)